While searching the internet for new blogs to read, I was hoping to find one that made me want to keep reading more. While most of them lost my interest within the first paragraph there was one that stood out from the rest.  The title of the post is called “Conformity”. In the post the writer Victoria talks about how throughout her whole life she has wanted to break away from conforming to society’s idea of what is normal. What made her more interesting than other bloggers was that not only was she talking about not conforming to society but she was living it too. She packed up her college degree and went traveling around the world.


I have also pondered the thought about conformity and throughout my life there have been many occasions where I have been able to demonstrate where I stand with conformity. For example I can recount many times when people my age have tried to get me to do the “cool things” that people my age are doing. I did not care who it was whether it be my best friend or someone I just met, my reaction was always the same I’d laugh in their face and said “no, I’m cool” most of the time I’d get a funny reaction and some lame explanation of why I should take part and how everyone is doing it. It was always at this point where I tried to explain that if I always did what everyone wanted me to do than what sets me apart from anyone else.





It has been this mindset that has relatively kept me the same person I have always been.  There has been something missing however just like Victoria my family has always had these expectations of you go to college you get a good job and if you’re lucky you get to retire at a reasonable age. Well that’s not the life I want to live. I want to break away from that cookie cutter idea of a life and travel the world. Life was meant to be lived and the world was meant to be seen. There is a quote by Walt Whitman that I have become quite intrigued with it goes   “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse”.  My interpretation of this is that the life of the world is the play and each one of us contributes a verse with our lives. I want my verse to be something special and worthwhile. I want to be able to say I’ve gone  driving through the desert, skydiving and climbed mountains, not I spent my whole life working that I have missed moments and opportunities that I will never get back.


One of the best feelings while searching for blogs was being able to get a look at everyone’s interests, ideas, personalities and finding some that matched mine as well. Victoria’s blog really stood out to me and I will continue to follow her as she goes around on her adventure of life. I hope one day I’ll be out there as well, writing and hopefully inspiring someone else to break free of the conformity that society puts forth for us and create their own verse. So I ask you, what do you want your verse to mean?   


Victoria’s blog


Other blogs I took a look at


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