Silver as a long term investment

I started buying silver in April of last year. I started buying silver as a way to save money so that I would not spend what little cash I had in the bank.  It quickly became apparent that silver was a perfect long term investment.  Like the stock market silver prices go up and down but it appears that the price usually tends to go up overall. I’ve had really good days when the price for silver has gone up two dollars an ounce now that may not seem like a lot but spread that over 100 ounces of silver and that’s a $200 profit from what I paid for the silver. I don’t think my money in the bank ever had that much of an increase in one year let alone one day. One other great thing about investing in silver is that it is relatively cheap compared to the cost of other precious or stocks in the stock market. There are also many other ways to earn money off of buying silver other than waiting for the price to go up. Some silver also holds new- miz -matic value which means there is something special about the silver that adds to the value. Take for example this 1 troy ounce Canadian Timber Wolf,Image I bought this for the price of silver which at the time was $21 but because this was a limited mintage this can sell for over $60.  There is also plenty of silver that can pertain to other things that people like. For example I love the walking dead so I bought this zombie silver round.


Another piece of silver that I have is a five troy ounce twenty five cent coin. Silver can be a great long term investment its cheap compared to other forms of investments, there are multiple ways the value of your silver can go up and silver is also small enough that you can just put in a container in the back of your closet and take up close to no room. 


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